Queen Bedroom Sets are the Ideal Choice for Bedrooms

Queen beds can comfortably fit 2 people, and bedroom sets come in a large variety of sizes, styles and colors. A furniture set creates the tone for the whole room, and it is important to feel comfortable with your selection so you can relax and enjoy and restful night’s sleep. A bedroom set is something that you are going to enjoy for years to come, so consider your needs and personal style before purchasing new bedroom furniture.queen bedroom sets1queen bedroom sets2queen bedroom sets

Buying queen bedroom sets

1. What is the size and layout of your bedroom?

Measure your bedroom so you have the exact measurements when going online or shopping at your local furniture store. This will determine the size of the furniture pieces, as well as the number of pieces that can fit comfortably in your bedroom. Large furniture pieces can clutter up a smaller room and make it feel even smaller, and small furniture pieces in a large room can feel sparse and like living in a dollhouse.

2. How many bedroom set pieces should you buy?

Typical complete bedroom sets include a bed, nightstand, a chest of drawers and a dresser with mirror. The mattress is usually purchased separately. A 3 piece set is usually best for smaller bedrooms, while a larger set is more appropriate for larger rooms occupied by more than one person.

3. What design do you like best?

Consider the style of the furniture you have in the rest of the house, and think about the mood you want to create in your bedroom. Popular bedroom furniture styles are traditional, contemporary, mission, shaker and country. If you are not sure of what style you like, look online and in style magazines to get a feel for what style appeals to you.

4. What style do you want for your bed?

There are many bed styles to choose from, including poster beds, platform beds, storage beds and sleigh beds. Consider the size of the room as well. Sleigh beds have a large headboard and swooping footboard, and can swallow up a small room. Platform beds are less overwhelming visually and usually take up less space, as do storage beds. Storage beds are also ideal for small rooms. Traditional poster beds are always a sound choice for an average sized bedroom.

5. What color and finish do you like best?

The color and finish of a bedroom set has a great influence on the style of the design of the bedroom. Popular colors to choose from are black, brown, mahogany, cherry, maple, natural, walnut and white. Black is a popular choice for those who prefer a sleek, modern style, and natural has more of a country feel. White is often used in children’s bedrooms, and brown is popular in traditional homes.

Queen Bedroom sets come with a wide range of options, and choosing the right set is easy once you know the perfect size, design, style and color.


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