Nursery Furniture Sets To Build a Cozy Corner for your Baby

If you are in the family way, you must have already started preparing to welcome your bundle of joy. Setting up the nursery especially occupies an important place for you want to create a cozy and self-contained unit for your baby. It should always start with selecting the furniture pieces. Buying furniture individually can get a little expensive. A good alternative is to buy nursery furniture sets and build the rest around it.

Nursery Furniture Sets


Nursery Furniture Sets – The Primary Pieces

Furniture sets are of different types. The budgeted ones include only the basic units while luxury sets come with add-on furniture pieces that serve to increase the curb appeal more than functionality. Irrespective of what your pocket allows, there are three main units that identify good nursery furniture sets. They are a crib, a changing table and a chair.


1. The Crib: Obviously, being the place where your child will sleep, it should be safe and comfortable. The choice of model depends on where in the room are you most likely to place the crib. Parents often choose to place it away from direct light and the outside walls.


2. Changing Table: A changing table makes diaper changes a lot easier with a wriggly baby; you’ll be glad you invested in one. The best style of a changing table is one that doubles up as a storage space. With a baby in the house, you will need considerable amount of storage space and this how to make it work.


3. A Comfortable Chair: This has more to do with your comfort than of your child. It makes the late night feedings more comfortable. Many new-moms prefer a rocking chair. However, if space permits you can also get matching ottomans for your baby’s nursery. The chair should have a wide seat and padded arm rests for added comfort.


Add-on Furniture Units

Dressers and shelves are considered add-on units in a baby’s nursery. They create more storage space and prevent a cluttered look. However, they are an optional item.


Factors to Consider for Nursery Furniture


– When choosing nursery furniture sets, it is important to consider the finish and detailing as it influences the look.

– Quality of construction materials also matters as it determines the durability of the unit. Also look at the construction. Dove tail joints create for stronger furniture units.

– If you plan to reuse the furniture right into your child’s toddler years, choose a convertible crib; those that can transform into toddler beds and bunk beds. Opt for furniture pieces in neutral shades as you can continue to add new pieces later to refresh the look of the room.

– Safety is a chief concern too. You should avoid furniture units with rough surfaces and sharp edges. Invest in devices that are sturdy and won’t tip under weight. A better option is to have the units attached to the wall.

– If you are short on space, you can consider nursery furniture sets with single units that serve a dual purpose. For instance, many dressers double up as changing tables. Traditional crib designs also have an inbuilt changing table that can be raised when needed and flipped down when not in use.


So, choose from among the many nursery furniture sets available on the market and put your mind to rest.

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