Ideas for Kids Bedroom Sets

When you decide your kid is old enough to have a room of his own, in addition to clearing out a room for him you also have to equip, design and decorate it. Since this is the place where your child will spend most of his time, your task involves not only making it attractive but also play and study-friendly. However, at the back of your mind, you also want to choose an interior design that won’t look odd once he grows past his toddler days. Tough job, isn’t it? It won’t be if you choose to continue reading the ideas for kid’s bedroom sets right here.

Ideas for Kids Bedroom Sets


Kids Bedroom Sets – Furniture Needs

The basic furniture items you should have placed in your child’s bedroom are a bed, a bedside table, a dresser and a cupboard. The add-on units will depend on your child’s interests. Most parents also choose to include a play or study table and a bookshelf. A play table is a must because this where your child will usually explore his creativity and satisfy his curiosity. If you are one of those parents eager to cultivate a reading habit in your child, create a reading room. A large and comfortable bean bag placed near the window or reading lamp should do well. You can also have a shoe rack added to the children’s bedroom set your choose.

For a smaller child choose low beds or a platform frame bed as getting in and out is easier. If the room will be shared by siblings, include trundle beds or bunk beds. These are space saving designs. You can also think of a canopied bed for a soft and rustic feel. It is the best for a girl child.

When choosing children’s furniture sets, you must pay attention to two important aspects namely safety and convenience. Furniture should be strong and sturdy to withstand all the play and jumping. It should not have sharp edges. Doors of cupboards and closets should not be too heavy. Also, avoid automatic locks.


Kids Bedroom Sets – Bedding

The bedding is as important as choosing the right furniture. Bedding in kid’s bedroom sets are mainly designed around themes. Themes include fairytale characters, sports personalities or cartoon characters. These are the best for a child’s bedroom as they add a pop of color. Also, they can easily be changed inexpensively once your child grows up. Shortlist a few options; ask your child for his or her opinion on the same.


Kids Bedroom Sets – Decorative Items

The whole idea about designing a kid’s bedroom is to create a peppy and fun space. And, the best way to do this is with decorative items. Place a run to create a play area. Rugs are available in different shapes and colors. Buy attractive and creative lighting fixtures and lampshades. These decorative items are usually included in kid’s bedroom sets and if not, you can buy individual pieces.


Storage Space

Children come with a lot of baggage. There are books, clothes, toys, pillows and sweaters to store. No matter how much of storage space you create you will always fall short it. Hence, creating storage space is as important as choosing the color of paint or child-oriented bedding.

The best option is to go for multi-purpose furniture. This includes under-the-bed drawers or built-in headboard shelves. Items that look good outside can be placed on shelves or can be hung on hooks. You can plastic boxes or coordinated baskets for the smaller knick knacks.

So, browse the available kid’s bedroom sets or create a personalized one by mixing and matching pieces and give kid a place he can calls his own.

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