Unique Home Interior Design for Your Living Spaces

If you are considering refurbishing your home, you must have already started perusing brochures and online catalogues for a suited interior design. The best home interior design involves making the right combination of colors, textures, fabrics and styles. In addition to boosting the aesthetic appeal, it should provide the highest level of functionality for your lifestyle.

home interior design


We’ve discussed home interior designs in terms of the different styles you can emulate.

1. Contemporary Home Interior Design Simplicity and minimalism are the two words that aptly sum up the modern style.

The furniture should have straight and clean lines. However, it can be curved around the arms and backrest. They stand out for their premium lacquer finishes. The main goal of a contemporary design is to make a space appear visually wider. This is achieved by using bright and neutral shades and opting for space-saving designs and multipurpose furniture and fixtures. The upholstery fabric for furniture can include leather, linen, suede and faux fur. Windows should be as simple as possible and left unadorned. If you must use windows coverings ditch the heavy drapes for bamboos shades. Lighting plays a major role in setting the ambience for your home. Accent lights should include sleek fixtures in stainless steel, brushed nickel and chrome. Wooden flooring complements the minimalistic appeal of contemporary home interior designs. Hardwood floors can be softened with simple rugs in geometric designs.

2. French Country Style Interior Design The French country style that is akin to rustic lends a decadent touch to your home.

If you are a fan of antique furniture, floral designs and lace, this is the best style for you. Casement windows, crown and cornice moldings and mullioned doors are common features. The flooring is done up exquisitely either in marble or glistening hardwood. When looking for furniture and lighting fixtures, hunt the antiques stores in your local area. Try to get wall scones, chandeliers and candelabras. Furniture used to recreate the French country style is typically rustic in its look and designs. Furniture is made of dark woods in artistic shapes with distressed metal and wrought iron accents. Furnishings usually feature natural materials with rich textures. Toile is the most commonly used fabric is French interior furnishings. The fabric has a neutral background, either white or beige, embellished with painted rustic scenes in bright colors. The color choices are a unique combination of light and dark colors antique white, mustard yellow, foamy green, rusty red, pink, lavender, gold, peacock blue, deep rose and black.

3. Victorian Style Home Interior Design The Victorian style is identified by its ornate style.

The furniture is grand with elaborate designs such as leaves, flowers, grapes and craved scrolls. The choice of wood varieties namely mahogany, oak, rosewood and black walnut add the grandeur of its look. The furniture is chunky and heavy. The furnishings use rich textured materials such as damask, brocades, velvet, mohair and velour. Upholstered furniture featured tassels and braids. The richness and prosperity of the age is reflected in the choice of colors. It includes dark somber colors and jewel tones such as deep reds, green, brown, blue and black. The floors are typically hardwood and are covered with oriental rugs. For those on a budget, you can get a good quality laminate. The walls are papered with large and patterned wall papers mostly floral designs.

4. Eclectic Home Interior Design The eclectic style is a blend of styles and is the best for a person with a creative bend of mind.

It could also showcase a mixture of varied cultures. The design components are selected based on the aspects of the colors, shape, texture, finish and scale. So, choose only the best home interior design and compel your visitors to compliment you on your superior and refined taste in things.

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