Home Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces

Choosing home interior design ideas for small spaces can be challenging. After all you have two tasks at hand – to create a gorgeous living environment while also creating an illusion of large and spacious place. You have to be careful with your choice of colors, furniture units and lighting as the wrong choice might work the opposite giving it a dingy, cluttered look.

If you’ve recently moved into a new apartment and are looking at refurbishing the interiors, here are a few design choices to make your small space as functional and beautiful as possible.


Home Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces


Home Interior Design Ideas and Concepts

1. Lighting:

Proper lighting is a chief concern in a downsized apartment with very small or no windows. Lighting makes a smaller room look larger. The best options in this regard are low-profile standing light lamps and slim-profile lamps that fit into the niches in the wall or ceiling. Avoid hanging chandeliers.


2. Wall Colors and Décor:

Dark wall colors make a room look even smaller. Choose pale and neutral colors for the walls. The lighter colors reflect the light and create a bright and spacious space. Beige, tan or pastel shades are the best colors to work with. Place items of decoration higher up on the wall, closer to the ceiling or anywhere above the eye level. Rooms that are attached to each other, such as the kitchen and the dining room should feature the same wall color and flooring to create a sense of flow.


3. Drapery:

The color and fabric of the drapes is also important in creating the illusion of additional space as it allows or obstructs the stream of natural light into the room. Dark and opaque drapes will make the room look darker. Hence, choose sheer drapes that allow the light to stream in.


4. Furniture:

The space constraints cancel out a lot of furniture in your home interior design ideas. However, you also need to make place for all your belongings. The solution is to use multi-purpose furniture; units that double up in their function. For example, a coffee table or an ottoman that doubles up as a storage space. Thus, the furniture should not only be attractive in its look but also functional.


Opt for furniture will a slim and fluid design. Avoid chunky and elaborate furniture designs. Armless furniture is a better option. Areas that appear to be useless can be converted into functional spaces for instance an alcove or the area under the stairs can be used to fit wall shelving units and organizational boxes.


Structural Changes

If you are considering home interior design ideas to maximize spaciousness, a few structural changes can make a difference. Try adding full-length glass and sliding doors. Another option is to increase the size and number of windows to the house to make it appear brighter.


Get rid of Clutter

Choosing the right home interior design idea alone is not important when working with a small space. Organization also plays a crucial role. Do not cram the room with too much of furniture. Use only a few well-chosen pieces. In addition to this, you should avoid putting up to many wall décor pieces such as too many photographs, painting and wall hangings. Use one major item that you want to be the focal point. The other items can be smaller items coordinated to match that item.


So, if you have a small flat, don’t frown. With these home interior design ideas for small spaces you no longer have to sacrifice style for the sake of size!

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