Decorate Your Daughter’s Room with Attractive Girls Bedroom Sets

Girl’s bedroom sets are no longer the all pink and fairy code. Designers have started experimenting with varied colors and themes to create a unique and attractive room for your daughter. And, while the task of shopping for a bedroom set for your daughter’s room might sound daunting, it is not that difficult to make a selection. The furniture, bedding and other accessories should only reflect your little girls’ taste in fashion and style. Just keep a few things in mind and the selection process should be a breeze.


girls bedroom sets


Themed Girls Bedroom Sets

Girl’s bedroom sets have always been about flowers and fairies, sparkle and glitter. However, you are not limited to these options today. There are several neutral yet feminine themes you can build your daughters room around. In addition to flowers, angels and fairies, you can choose cute animals, butterflies, stars, moonlight and princess and castles.

Color schemes

Many ask what would be the right color scheme when buying girls bedroom sets rather what are the most suitable options after pink. Pastel shades are among the best to play with. They are very versatile because they won’t lose their charm even after your little princess grows into a young and beautiful girl. Ask your daughter’s opinion with respect to the color choice. You can then paint the walls, buy bed sheet sets, fabrics and accessories in shades of that color.


What to get for your daughter’s bedroom?

Girls bedroom sets are of have a range of items included from the very basic to luxury items that make your girls feel like a real princess. Along with buying ready items, you can also create a personalized set by putting together individual items. Here’s what your checklist should include.

– A dressing table where your daughter can get dolled up for all her girly parties.

– A simple twin bed is a good option for a girl’s bedroom. If space is a constraint, you can opt for a trundle bed. It will easily accommodate her friends on sleepovers. Canopy beds also lend a soft, feminine touch.

-Investing with new bed linens such as duvet covers, pillow cases and fitted sheets are a great way to upgrade your daughter’s room. With ready bedroom sets are saved the hassles of mixing and matching.

– Work desks where your daughter can sit do her homework or complete other school projects easily. Look for one with draws and cabinets.

– Storage space is quite important to a girl particularly if yours is in the teen years. There must be enough space to store here fancy clothes, shoes, jewelry and make up items. Shop for a set with a big closet that makes organization a lot easier.

– If your girl’s a voracious reader, get some wall mounted shelves as part of the girls bedroom sets and helps her create her own personal library.

– Buy curtains to adorn the windows. Choose a light, soft and airy fabric.

– You can also get a bean bag or two. However, it is optional.

– Complete your theme with a rug.


Embellishing the Walls

Decorating your daughter’s bedroom is not only about picking the right furniture or bed sheets or comforters. It is also about embellishing the surroundings with small yet attractive accessories.

You can stencil butterflies, flowers and vines on a plain wall in a color that matches the fabric. To make the job easier and less tedious, you can use rubber stamps. You can put up a painting or a photo frame to decorate a bare wall. The furniture you get might in the girls bedroom sets might be a solid color. You can paint it to match the theme or color scheme.


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