Five Transformative Pieces of Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby chic furniture brings to mind images of the first bit of crispy and creamy chocolate eclair, a charming country chateau viewed through a car window, the haunting refrain from Non, je ne regretted rain and perhaps a chorus or two from Beauty and the Beast. What are some ways you can bring those feelings into your personal space, and let your guests experience the same emotion you feel?Shabby Chic Furniture

Shabby Chic Furniture French Inspired Barroux Cabinet in Sage

The distressed wood has a special wax that lets the gold exterior and light burgundy interior age naturally and gradually, so the bookcase will look even better next year than it did when you first bought it. There are unique chips, gouges, nail holes and other charming imperfections all over the five-shelf cabinet. A triumphant arch of the intricately-carved wood sits atop the piece like a golden crown.
The bookcase/cabinet is an excellent display piece for china and small mementoes, and it also helps you set the right tone for your formal dining room or parlor. Available at

Grey-White Distressed China Cabinet

This one-of-a-kind item was over nine years in the making. It’s a standard China cabinet with a fresh coat of specially-designed paint that makes the piece look hundreds of years old. Original wheels and bronze hardware, treated with the same distressing paint, complete the look. The cabinet features a wooden arch on the door and a full pull-out drawer underneath.
In addition to a dining room, you can display this piece in your office, to help create a charming and relaxed mood for business. Available at

Shabby Chic Embroidered Window Sheer

These window coverings are an excellent way to transform a room and compliment a piece in a fast and easy fashion. These particular sheets have a soft, bluish color that filters in sunlight while preserving the room’s ambiance. They also feature delicate embroidery and very light and thin material.
These delicate window coverings are part of a full line of shabby chic furniture and accessories that are available at

Handmade Farmhouse Cabinet

This stable cabinet is made from pine and other reclaimed wood. It has a white interior and distressed grey exterior. Parts of the four lower shelves are exposed, for displaying pictures, mementos, books and other objects while parts are hidden behind a swinging door, for added storage space. There’s an additional display box at the top that’s pierced by a flattened dome-style carving.
This versatile and attractive piece are ideas for your bedroom or study. The multiple storage and display options set this cabinet apart. It’s available at

Essex Chair

The overstuffed brown leather upright chair has distressed black legs, cylindrical armrests, high back and a marble-like finish. It has a strong wood frame that will last for years and years. The custom-made chair is also available in other colors and styles.
This chair is an excellent executive seat for your office, particularly when paired with a shabby chic desk and credenza. Available at
Re-create the look and feel of the French countryside in your office or home with shabby chic furniture.

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