Ideas for Kids Bedroom Sets

When you decide your kid is old enough to have a room of his own, in addition to clearing out a room for him you also have to equip, design and decorate it. Since this is the place where your child will spend most of his time, your task involves not only making it attractive but also play and study-friendly. […]

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Unique Home Interior Design for Your Living Spaces

If you are considering refurbishing your home, you must have already started perusing brochures and online catalogues for a suited interior design. The best home interior design involves making the right combination of colors, textures, fabrics and styles. In addition to boosting the aesthetic appeal, it should provide the highest level of functionality for your lifestyle.   We’ve discussed home […]

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Mission Style Furniture Design and Ideas

Earlier, the trends in furniture buying prioritized the aesthetic appeal over the utilitarian aspect. However, today, homeowners are giving equal important to form and function. Mission style furniture is characterized by its simplicity and functionality. Not only this, it is handcrafted; however, in modern times it is made in factories. It was built as a substitute for the ornate styling […]

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